World Cup dreams: Should football be front page news?
British newspaper The Sun devoted the whole of its front page to England's qualification. (News International)
October 17th, 2013
12:44 PM ET

World Cup dreams: Should football be front page news?

Trust the English to be level-headed and rational in their response to qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. Well, not quite ...

Known for its population of the stiff upper-lipped and emotionally aloof, England’s green and pleasant land is also home to a gaggle of hacks who seemingly lead the world in their habit for hyperbole.

Ok, so the football team are perennial underachievers; glory on the pitch has not been in abundance. In fact, the side of the self-dubbed 'Home of football' has a track record for success that would give IBM a run for it’s money.

Having invented the damn thing the nation has since endured every competitor under the sun reshaping the product into a new form that betters the original: the Spanish, with their Apple-like aesthetic,  the Germans, who produce consistent year-on-year success growth like Hewlett Packard, and then there’s Lenovo ... (add further PC-based metaphors here). FULL POST