The Naked Truth: How close is too close?
LeBron James of the Miami Heat is mobbed by journalists in the team's locker-room during the 2012 NBA Finals.
September 26th, 2013
01:47 PM ET

The Naked Truth: How close is too close?

It was the yellow rubber duckies that did it.

I suppose up until that point I’d been on auto-pilot, I was just waiting for an interview. But when one of the NBA’s biggest stars pulled on a pair of blue socks – festooned with bright yellow ducks – it struck me that this assignment was way more surreal than anything I was used to. Or, for that matter, comfortable with.

With a group of about 20 other men and women, I had just watched the Houston Rockets’ shooting guard James Harden emerge dripping wet from the shower, dry off and get dressed … all from a distance of about two and a half feet. This was my introduction to the world of sports reporting in the United States! FULL POST

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