Qatar conundrum: Can the 2022 World Cup be moved?
A Qatari youth celebrates in December 2010 after the emirate was awarded the 2022 World Cup.
August 29th, 2013
03:43 PM ET

Qatar conundrum: Can the 2022 World Cup be moved?

It looks like I might have a problem. I might not be able to make my Great Aunty Joan’s 105th birthday party. She’s going to be devastated. You see, just as we can always rely on day turning to night, my sister turning up late, and England losing on penalties, we’ve also always known that the football World Cup takes place every four years, in June and July. My family unfailingly plan their birthday celebrations, weddings and funerals around it.

But now Great Aunty Joan’s party is under serious threat. It’s in the diary for November 2022. When not only her party, but also normal world order, looks set to be turned upside down. It will be World Cup time. Yup, Qatar 2022 World Cup time. Or it will be if certain members of the football community have their way.

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