February 21st, 2010
03:57 AM ET

It's time to give Tiger some peace

Obviously I'm biased, but analysis and commentary by journalists on the Tiger Woods story and others of its ilk is part of the job in the 21st century. Whatever some people choose to think, it's blinkered in today's competitive market to think that any news organization will just report the facts and nothing else.

Tiger Woods finally broke his silence with a televised public apology (Getty Images).
Tiger Woods finally broke his silence with a televised public apology (Getty Images).

If they did, viewers and readers would just go somewhere else, because we all like context, conjecture, and, dare I say it, some degree of entertainment from our news stories. It's curious that so many people who criticized the media coverage of Tiger Woods' affairs and his subsequent apology seem to know all the angles, including the salacious gossip in which the media is accused of reveling.

That said, I do believe that his mea culpa speech was enough. Yes, it was stage-managed and robotic, but I think the sentiments he expressed were genuine. And, while I stand by my belief that it will be hard, perhaps impossible, for Tiger to ever live down this scandal completely, I do think he should be left alone to fight his demons and attempt to rebuild his marriage in private.

Like others, I see no purpose in him sitting down in front of the media and answering the "tough questions". There is nothing more we need to know about the past. And to reveal the gory details would not only be counter-productive to his recovery process, but it would also provide additional hurt and embarrassment to the victims - primarily his wife Elin.

As for the future? Well, I agree that it would be nice for everyone to know when or if he's coming back to golf, because it's a game that's so patently diminished by his absence. But, to me, grilling him on how he's going to feel and what he can achieve in terms of titles or redemption when he finally picks up the clubs again is pointless. How does he know? What precedent can he draw on to even guess at the answers to those questions? Does he even care right now, with so many private issues on his plate?

So, at the risk of being called a hypocrite, having had plenty to say about Tiger during this crisis as part of my job description, I really do think it's time to give him some peace.

Yes, he'll be written and spoken about in the coming months and years because he was a massive public figure even before the scandal, and now he's even further under the microscope. But I personally believe that whatever is said we need to stop digging, because to make the hole he's in any deeper would just be vindictive.

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