July 8th, 2009
02:13 PM ET

Ronaldomania hits Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo's new Real Madrid shirt sold out at the club store on Tuesday. A total of three thousand strips gone in one day. Hundreds were also reported stolen.

"Ronaldomania" is at fever pitch in the Spanish capital and is showing no signs of relenting as his first training session approaches on Friday. Fans of all ages have been captivated by the arrival of the most galactico of all galacticos.

Move over The Beatles, here's Ronaldo.
Move over The Beatles, here's Ronaldo.

The screams and shrieks heard at CR9's (the nickname that stands for Cristiano Ronaldo number nine) unveiling on Tuesday surely rivaled the rapturous response The Beatles experienced while at their peak in the 1960s. I am too young to have been at any of their concerts, but I gather the hysteria was simply overwhelming.

At the Bernabeu, hysteria was in the building. I even saw fans running onto the pitch and dodging past security, trying to touch Cristiano as he walked by. For a rock star maybe, but for a footballer?

What really impressed me on Tuesday was Cristiano's composure in the face of the chaos which surrounded him. He never stopped smiling or waving, even as supporters crowded and pushed around him in search of an autograph or a handshake.

He took it all in, and then was also calm enough in the press conference to answer multiple questions in Portuguese, Spanish and English, about his footballing skills and personal life.

– Shouldn't you get a girlfriend?
– How will you resist temptation?
– What about the paparazzi?

Not questions you hear every day at a normal football presser, but then again, this is not a normal footballer. Instead of showing impatience of frustration, Ronaldo smiled and answered calmly.

He said there is time for everything in life and he plans on having fun as long as it doesn't interfere with his job. He added he likes to stay at home and will try to stay away from the limelight as much as possible.

Sadly for him, that won't be possible. Every move will be watched, every word studied. The best he can do is concentrate on the job at hand, and that is helping Real Madrid on the field to become a force to be reckoned with. That is why the club spent a world record transfer fee to bring him to the Bernabeu.

Then again, if they sell a few more thousand shirts and tickets, they won't complain. The club has to strike while the iron is hot. And it could not be any hotter at the moment.

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July 3rd, 2009
07:32 AM ET

In search of Lance

MONACO - Driving up to the Fairmont Monte Carlo, formerly the Loews Hotel, the signs were good.

Astana team cars and vans littered the front entrance which could surely mean only one thing. Lance Armstrong was not only in town for the start of the Tour de France, but staying in the same hotel as yours truly. 

Contador getting in some final practice before the opening Monaco time-trial.

Contador getting in some final practice before the opening Monaco time-trial.

Surely it would only be a matter of time before our paths crossed, before I could flash my CNN pass and grab a quick impromptu interview or take a quick photo.  Well we live in hope.

The hotel is full of devoted Armstrong fans, all sporting the Livestrong brand clothing of their hero and all believing he can deliver a miraculous eighth Tour victory after four years away from the race.

The fans certainly have to be devoted because with beer at $10 and the same for an ice cream, a few days in the south of France for the first couple of stages will leave a big hole in the bank balance.

Hopes of a chance encounter faded as the conceirge dropped a strong hint that just maybe the seven-time  champion was staying somewhere else, away from the hullabaloo. 

Which left the open road, because most of the riders were completing their final preparations by riding the 15.5 km course for the opening individual time trial which begins the Tour on Saturday in the principality.

It will be an important indicator of who is in form for the three-week race and unusually for such a stage being held over a lumpy course as it winds its way up from the harbor at Monte Carlo.

Fractions of seconds lost on corners could prove crucial and Armstrong with his legendary attention to detail will surely be having one last look.

And yes that is the case, but standing in the square in front of the famous Monte Carlo Casino it is very easy to miss a group of fast-moving Astana team cyclists whizzing down in single file.

My partner responds to my plaintive cry  "there's Lance" by capturing the rear ends of the elite of world cycling.  Nice try, but hardly a world exclusive.

Resigned to never capturing that individual moment, away from the press conferences or the official presentation of the teams it left only a quick recee of the start and finish area in Monte Carlo's signature harbor, resplendent with the yachts of the super-rich.

The road up from the harbor rises slightly before heading under the tunnel which is part of the course for the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. 

Mark Cavendish, the sprint sensation from Team Columbia who is set to bag a host of stage wins and is favorite for the green jersey, suddenly powers past, hunched on his tri-bars.

Then up behind pedals the now-retired Erik Zabel, many times a winner of the green jersey which Cavendish so covets. 

Ken, an ardent cycling fan from England, his wrists chock a block full of Livestrong wrist bands, no prizes for guessing who he's supporting, shouts out his name in recognition and asks for an autograph. Erik pedals on.

But this looks promising, more promising still as I spot an Astana jersey in the distance and heading our way.

More instructions to a very patient partner who fires off a volley of camera clicks. 

The cyclist moves closer. It's not Lance.

But it is Alberto Contador, the Astana team leader and favorite for the yellow jersey. He rides effortlessly by. 

Ken does not seem overly impressed by our close encounter with the man most likely to put one past his hero and this time does not bother to ask for an autograph.

Having to leave to drive north to England just a few hours later (we never did get to see Lance close up,) but Alberto will do, and he's my idea of the race winner.

Will Lance prove me wrong? Well we live in hope.

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